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  • Residential Life Eligibility

    How to Become Eligible to Live on Campus

    Eligibility for MCSD’s Instructional Services does not mean that the child is automatically eligible and enrolled for residential services. 

    In order to qualify for residential services, the child has to meet specific criteria that include the following:

    1. The child lives too far to commute on a daily basis.
    2. The child is five years or older.
    3. The child must have basic self-help skills and are not a danger to themselves and others and do not engage in illegal activities.
    4. The child does not require one-on-one assistance or supervision and is able to follow the residential program’s age-appropriate schedule and policy.

    For more questions about the Admission Screening Procedure contact U Thin Maung Oo at maungoo@mcsdeaf.org

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