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    Teaching the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    As teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing at Mary Chapman School for the Deaf, they demonstrate fluency in Burmese Sign Language. Most teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing love to learn and practice this artful, visual language. They enjoy this form of communication simply for the beauty of it, and the elegant and graceful way it makes them feel.

    Unlike other special education teachers, many times you won’t be teaching people who feel they are disabled. The deaf community has very strong feelings that they are as capable as hearing people to interact in the world and lead very happy and successful lives. They simply need a more specialized education and additional assistance to do so, and this education is centered on the use of Burmese Sign Language (BSL). This attitude is empowering for both students and teachers.

    Tom Goodman
    Sangeeta Tomar
    Brandon Yang
    Oliver Sherwood
    Samantha Turlington
    Amanda Elliott
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